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Loot 4 Less: Things That Make You Go Boom [compilation]

August 24th, 2011 No Comments

Isn’t it time you loaded up on some loot?

Magic items are for the cool kids—you know, mid-level and higher characters. Low-level characters might be able to afford the odd potion or scroll, but they don’t have the dough for interesting, permanent magic items. Right?

Wrong. Loot 4 Less: Things That Make You Go Boom gives you an incredible array of magic items costing 2,500 gp or less: rings (there are 30 of them), rods (8), and arms and armor (12, plus 26 new special abilities). And it’s all introduced with a Foreword by Erik Mona.

This product compiles content from three previously published Loot 4 Less titles: Armor and WeaponsPretty, Pretty Rings, and Hot Rods. Although there have been a few minor revisions (and it contains a new foreword), there is no new material in this product.

The Loot 4 Less line of products focuses on creative, diverse, and useful items costing 2,500gp or less. In addition to their interest and value to low- and mid-level characters, these items—always reusable; never charged or use-once—give lower-level spellcasters something to craft and help differentiate the tactics and treasure hoards of their opponents.



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